...to idyllic Senden right in the heart of Münsterland! Visit our beautiful, children and handicapped friendly camping site with marina easily by boat/canoe, bike, mobile home or car. It is situated near Munster/Münster amidst fields and small forests right next to an old and partly closed sidebranch of the Dortmund-Ems-canal and en-route the 100-castles-bike-trail.

The low-traffic road to our site has smooth asphalt like many of the small roads nearby which is perfect for both inline skating and bike tours. Make our bistro with beer garden a starting point or stop by while on a longer tour. We have E-Bike charging station on site.

Enjoy your vacation in North Rhine-Westphalia on site or have a relaxing break on your trip to your final holiday destination, elsewhere in Germany or further on!

Yours, the KranenCamp Team

Helga & Frank Nickel

Kranencamp: Helga & Frank
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